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You have come to the right place if you are looking for Fraser Island Tours, Whale Watch tours and Lady Elliot Island. We don't pick and choose our suppliers like a lot of backpacker geared agencies do to suit themselves. For us its all about getting the best tour for the customer (you). So we offer all available tours on the market, not just a few favourites. Better still you will be dealing with locals that know the area like the back of their hand, not just another backpacker working for their room at a hostel. This means that you will get the best advice of tour with no bull dust.

On the Fraser Coast, be inspired by Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island known as K’gari by the local Butchulla people. Make eye contact and swim with humpback whales during incredible encounters in Hervey Bay. Uncover the wonders of the southern Great Barrier Reef on Lady Elliot Island – a short flight away.

Fraser Island

Lying off the coast of Hervey Bay, Fraser Island also known as K’Gari is the world’s largest sand island and stretches for 123km and spans 166,000 hectares. 

You can gaze up at towering ancient trees growing out of sand, in the astonishing rainforests, be amazed by the incredible sapphire blues and emeraldine greens in the stunning freshwater lakes and float down the pristine fresh waters of  Eli Creek, on this World Heritage-listed wonder .


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Whale Watch

Say hello to the best whale watching in Australia in the calm waters of Hervey Bay, sheltered by Fraser Island. Every year from late July to early November majestic humpbacks turn this bay into their marine playground as they take a break on their 5000km migration from Antarctica to the tropics. Scientific studies confirm whales stay and play in Hervey Bay for up to 10 days, which makes whale-watching around here such a unique experience. Mums brings their babies close to the boats to introduce their offspring and then show off as they teach their calves to breach, spy-hop and fin slip. We guarantee you will be left breathless by this amazing spectacle.

A fleet of operators offer whale watching tours with vessels departing Hervey Bay Boat Harbour daily. The tours are hosted by professional crew providing an informative commentary. Courtesy pick ups available for most tours.



Lady Elliot Island 

Lady Elliot Island is a coral cay located at the southern tip of the World Heritage Listed Great Barrier Reef. Situated within a highly protected ‘Green Zone’ the coral cay is a sanctuary for over 1,200 species of marine life and is known for its abundance of manta rays, turtles, amazing array of spectacular marine life and unspoilt coral reef. 

The Day Trips/Tours to Lady Elliot Island offer a great opportunity for domestic or international visitors with limited time to experience one of the Seven Wonders of the Natural World from the air, land and water… all in one day!